Seasonal Cooking | EARLY AUTUMN – Recipes Not to Be Missed for Easy Autumn Living

Roasted Sweet Potato and Fresh Figs

Enjoy these highlights from our Early Autumn recipe collection.

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Indian Deliciousness for Early Autumn Feasting

Crispy Okra




Sabudana Kitchari | Sago Kitchari


Brinjal Tamarind Kothsu


Salads for Early Autumn Good Living

Greens Salad with Raspberries


Roasted Red Capsicum Salad with White Beans and Mozzarella


Roasted Sweet Potato and Fresh Figs


Spinach, Mushroom and Blue Cheese Salad


Warm Salad of Charred Okra with Preserved Lemon


Vegetables for Early Autumn Good Living

Carrots Glazed with Cumin and Ginger


Roasted Aubergine with Awesome Garlic Sauce, Pine Nuts, Basil and Yoghurt



Goodies, Grains, Lentils, Preserves and More for Early Autumn Sustenance

Pickled Okra


Jicama Pickle

Zucchini Pickles


Green Salad with Chickpeas, Preserved Lemon and Feta

Home Made, Eggless, Sesame Flavoured Noodles/Pasta


Sweet Things and Drinks for Fun Early Autumn Times

Baked Figs with Thyme

Bondi Bircher Muesli | Bondi Overnight Oats


Persian Rosebuds and Borage Flowers

Cardamom Chai | Illaichi Chai


Tips, Hints and Info for Early Autumn Smooth Living

Oven Charred Tomatoes

Deep-fried Fresh Beancurd with Sweet Nut Sauce





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