Peter’s Wet Polenta and Tomato Layers

Peter's Wet Polenta and Tomato Layers

Once I had a lovely older Italian man as a hairdresser. He was amazing. As we molded my hair into some shape and varied colour upon colour, we discussed cooking, fashion and food. Sometimes with a glass of champagne. He was very special and he gave me this great family polenta recipe.

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Peter's Wet Polenta and Tomato Layers

Peter’s Wet Polenta and Tomato Layers

Italian tomato puree or sauce
parmesan cheese, grated
salt, black pepper to taste

Make the polenta as described in Making Polenta, but leave a little moist and do not turn out of the pan. Ensure it is salted and peppered to taste.

Make an Italian tomato sauce, such as this sauce, or this one.  Or purchase one from an Italian store or supermarket.

In individual dishes (use some of the smaller terracotta ones from the Italian Shops) layer tomato sauce, then wet polenta, then more sauce, then parmesan cheese, then polenta, sauce, cheese again.

Serve, or grill to melt the cheese on the top. The layers look spectacular. This could also be made using other sauces such as mushroom sauce etc or a mild chilli-tomato sauce, and other cheeses such as fresh mozzarella.



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