MID AUTUMN – Don’t Miss These Recipes for Relaxed Autumn Living| Seasonal Cooking

Soba Noodle Salad

Enjoy these highlights from our Mid Autumn recipe collection. The weather begins its transition this month, and like all change, is a little chaotic and changeable. Windy, stormy at times, and the Autumn rains come. Cooler days intersperse the fewer warmer ones, and while it is hard to let go of cooling foods, they get somewhat heavier and more warming. We grieve the passing of Summer but look forward to what Winter brings.

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Indian Deliciousness for Mid Autumn

Madhur Vadai

Sundakkai Sambar

South Indian Spring Onion Soup

Brinjal Tamarind Kothsu

Kurkuri Bhindi | Crispy Fried Okra

Sabudana Kitchari | Sago Kitchari

Salads, Chutneys and Pickles for Mid Autumn

Dried Fava Bean Puree

Quince Paste

Celery Yoghurt Salad

Fennel, Potato and Tomato Salad with Garlicky Mayo

Caramelised Onions and Bitter Greens Salad

Three Citrus Salad with Green Chilli, Ginger and Crunchy Almond Salsa

 Vegetables for Mid Autumn Healthy Living

Cheese and Eggplant Torte | Cheesy Eggplant Layers

BBQ'd Stuffed Mushrooms with Parsley Oil, Tomato and Parmesan

Baked Figs with Thyme

Risotto with Mushrooms

Okra Fry with Sesame Seeds

Soups for Mid Autumn Warmth

Fava Bean Soup with Turmeric and Herbs | Dried Broad Bean Soup

White Bean soup | Cannellini Bean Soup

Adzuki Bean, Barley and Ppumpkin Soup with Miso and Barley

Grains and Lentils, Pasta and Noodles for Mid Autumn Sustenance


Fava Bean Puree with Fresh Herbs | Dried Broad Bean Puree with Herbs | Dip, Spread or Soup

Rice and Orzo

Home Made, Eggless, Sesame Flavoured Noodles/Pasta

Rocket Salad with Penne and Parmasan

Japanese Noodles in Broth

Teas and Drinks, and Sweet Desserts for Mid Autumn’s Sweet Tooth

Steamy Peppery Chai

Prunes in Tea with Mandarin and Lemon

Eliappe, Sweet pikelet-like dosa

Tips, Hints and How To’s for Mid Autumn Cooking

Mango in Spiced Syrup | A Life (Time) of Cooking | Recipe | Preserves

Mango Fruit Leather


Tomato Risotto

Jicama and Green Mango

Mah ki Dal | Urad | Indian | Vegetarian | A Life Time of Cooking


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