Pomegranate Honey

A honey that attracts attention

Pomegranate Honey

A delicious and healthy combination of pomegranate and honey, fabulous to eat or cook with, and winter-healthy as well.

Pomegranate Honey is a mixture of honey and the juice of pomegranate. It is healthy, and we recommend a teaspoon a day during the cold winter months. Extracting the juice can take time, but if you have a cold pressed juicer, it is really easy. You can read more about how to extract pomegranate juice here. By the way, I am not receiving any compensation for linking to this juicer, it is for information purposes only.

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Pomegranate Honey

Pomegranate Honey

Separate the seeds from 1/3 – 1/2 a pomegranate, depending on size, and remove a couple of pieces of the outer red rind of the pomegranate (strip away as much of the white inner covering as possible).

Put the seeds and the red peel pieces into a jar and fill the jar with honey. Leave it on the kitchen counter for a week or so, and then put it in the fridge.

Take a spoon of honey each day in winter to ward off colds. A spoonful in hot water makes a great winter time hot drink.

An alternative method is to extract the juice and mix that with honey in the jar. Two different methods can be used to extract the juice. Either use a slow, cold pressed juicer like this one, not a normal centrifugal juicer. The seeds will get stuck in the filter of the centrifugal juicer, whereas a cold press juicer presses and ejects the seeds. This is the easiest method.

The alternative is to blend the seeds in a blender or processor until the juice is separated from the seeds. Then strain the juice through a sieve,pressing the seeds down with the back of a spoon to extract as much juice as possible. Mix some juice with the honey.

Read more about extracting the juice here.

Pomegranate Honey

Use the pomegranate honey in dressings, drizzled over figs with some flaked almonds, or over baked items before putting in the oven. Mix with yoghurt, or drizzle over desserts. Mix into fruit salads, over bananas with toasted coconut, or just eat from the jar. Don’t be afraid to drizzle over salads, soups or platters of food. Over apples, baking. Into your herbal tea.

Figs with Pomegranate Honey and Almonds


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