Onion Salad with Sesame Oil

A surprise flavour combination.

Onion Salad with Toasted Sesame Oil

My friend Franz gave me this recipe, and it is used a lot with left over half onions from other recipes. The combination of Sesame Oil and salted onions is quite amazing.

This salad is a great use of left over half onions, after cooking another dish. A great accompaniment to any meal, I also love it with steamed rice and an Indian chutney.

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Onion Salad with Toasted Sesame Oil

Simple Onion Salad with Sesame Oil

Slice peeled red or white onions thinly with a mandolin. Separate the rings and layer them in a colander, salting between layers. Use a good sea salt.

Leave the colander over a large bowl for at least 4 hours, up to 6 hours. Give the colander a shake or stir the onions periodically. Salting removes the raw bite of the onions while retaining an excellent crunch.

Gently wash the onions under flowing water to remove the salt, then dry the onions with a salad spinner or with towels.

Once dry, season with Chinese style toasted sesame oil and white pepper. It will take a fair amount of sesame oil – keep adding and tasting until the right balance is reached.

The subtle bite of the onions with the pepper and sesame oil is glorious.

recipe notes and alternatives
I like a tiny bit of parsley, chopped fine and mixed through the onions.






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