Spicy Green Mango in Coconut Milk | A Classic from Kerala

Green Mango with Cconut Milk

Green Mango season brings such a welcome addition to the menu. Coming in Spring, its tang is a delight after the heavier flavours of Wintery cold weather. For this dish I chose a sweet-sour green mango, and it is perfect. A sour green mango would work well too.

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Green Mango with Cconut Milk

Spicy Green Mango in Coconut Milk | A Classic from Kerala

1 green mango, peeled
0.5 small onion, chopped finely
1 – 2 green chillies, chopped finely
0.25 cup coconut milk
1 Tblspn coconut cream

1 Tblspn ghee
1 tspn brown mustard seeds
1 tspn fenugreek
6 – 8 curry leaves

0.25 tspn turmeric powder
o.25 tspn Indian chilli powder (use cayenne powder if you don’t have Indian chilli powder)
0.25 tspn coriander powder
0.5 tspn salt

optional garnish
green coriander leaves

Slice the flesh of the mango from the stone. Slice the larger slices into baton-like slices. Mix them with the chilli powder, turmeric, coriander powder and salt for at least 10 minutes.

Heat the ghee in a kadhai or heavy saucepan. Add the mustard seeds and allow to pop. Add the fenugreek seeds, and after a few moments, add the curry leaves. They will splutter, so take care.

Add the onion and green chilli. Cook over a medium-low heat until the onion is golden brown – 5 minutes or so at a low’ish heat.

Add the mango slices and mix well with the onion and chilli. Add a little water and allow the mango to cook over a low heat (just simmering) for about 4 or 5 mins. The mango softens a little but remains crunchy.

Add the coconut milk and allow to come to the boil. Turn off the heat and add the coconut cream. Stir through and serve.

Optionally garnish with coriander leaves.

recipe notes
Don’t throw out the mango seed. Put it in with your rice the next time that you cook rice, and it will perfume and flavour it. The remaining flesh will soften and fall off into the rice.




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