Dates and Saffron Soaked in Spiced Ghee | An Ancient Rasayana

Dates and Saffron Soaked in Spiced Ghee

For millennia, dates have been considered an energy giving tonic by many cultures. Taken to the next level by Ayurveda (the Indian traditional medical system), dates are combined with other healing and energy giving substances – ghee, saffron, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger. Rich and sweet, Dates and Saffron Soaked in Spiced Ghee is said to nourish and revitalize your deepest tissues. This mixture is a classic rasayana, a tonic for rejuvenation. It is also an ancient love potion! Whether you want to love another person, or your life, or just find more happiness in your day, this is definitely or you.

Healing and love making, what more is need from a tonic that is more like a snack than medicine? It is said to strengthen immunity as well as aid digestion.tes and Alm

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Dates and Saffron Soaked in Spiced Ghee

Dates and Saffron Soaked in Spiced Ghee

To make, take 36 – 40 dates, and place in a large jar.

Melt some ghee, about 1.5 – 2 cups. Add a pinch of saffron threads, 0.2 tspn each of cardamom powder, ginger powder and cinnamon powder. Pour the warm ghee over the dates, put the lid on and allow to sit overnight.

Eat one date every morning for renewed energy, health and a little bit more love in your life.





3 thoughts on “Dates and Saffron Soaked in Spiced Ghee | An Ancient Rasayana”

  1. Oh, the idea of ‘enhanced’ dates is very interesting. I love dates and had never thought of doing this kind of thing with them. Would they need to be refrigerated?

      1. Thank you for your response my dear. I will certainly make a smaller amount since I would be the only one eating them. I did see the date milk recipe some while ago but, my butterfly mind had forgotten it, thank you for the reminder.

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