Banana and Berry Lassi | Yoghurt Smoothie

Banana and Berry Lassi | Smoothie

This time, a yoghurt drink that borrows from the smoothie culture of current times. I call it a Lassi, but perhaps it is not a traditional lassi. It combines the best of the sub Continent and the West.

I have always wondered why Banana Lassi is not popular in India, as bananas are so readily available in the South of India. Perhaps it is that the ancient science of Ayurveda does not recommend the combination of dairy and banana. Today, we break that rule for a delicious Lassi smoothie. We have also used honey, but feel free to replace that with jaggery if you prefer to avoid honey with milk.

Yoghurt is so cooling in the heat.

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Banana and Berry Lassi | Smoothie

Banana and Berry Lassi | Yoghurt Smoothie

for each person:
0.5 banana, peeled
4 strawberries
10 – 12 blueberries
0.75 cup yoghurt
0.33 cup water
1 tspn runny honey
pinch or two of cardamom powder

Place the fruit in a blender with the yoghurt, water, honey, vanilla and cardamom powder. Blend on low until the banana is blended, then on high until smooth. Serve immediately.

recipe notes
If you are lucky enough to have some pomegranate honey, use that in place of the honey.

A touch of vanilla essence is also nice.

Add some raspberries too, if you like.

Rather than honey, use a 1 or 2 tspns of jaggery.





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