Henri Toulouse-Lautrec’s Slow Cooked Creamy Mushrooms | Champignons a la Creme

Creamy Mushrooms | Champignons au Jus

Henri Toulouse-Latrec was a fabulous cook, loving to feed friends in great numbers. His style was to use local, cheap produce, wine, and long slow cooking. There is a book of his recipes, and although it is heavy with non-vegetarian items, vegetable dishes and some soups are beautiful, French, flavoursome, vegetarian dishes.

This dish fits that mould, without the wine. It takes mushrooms, slow cooks them in butter, and then adds cream, and slow cooks that to thicken and sweeten it, for a lovely end result.

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Creamy Mushrooms | Champignons au Jus

Henri Toulouse-Latrec’s Slow Cooked Creamy Mushrooms |  Champignons a la Creme

Takes some beautiful mushrooms, either field ones or cultivated ones. Choose ones that will hold their shape – for example Swiss Browns. Melt some butter in a deep enamelled cast-iron pan or earthenware sauté dish.

Brush the mushrooms well to remove any dust, slice if very large, and place in the pan with the butter. Sprinkle with salt and freshly ground black pepper, cover the dish, and let the ‘shrooms cook over the lowest of heats for 25 mins. Don’t let them brown – they should be sautéed but not browned.

Tip the mushrooms and any liquid into a heatproof serving dish and place it over a pan of warm/slightly simmering water. Pour in a generous amount of cream that has been mixed with finely chopped parsley and mix through the mushrooms. Let it heat for 15 minutes, and then serve.

recipe notes and alternatives
The mushrooms can saute for quite some time if they are cooking over a very low heat, but do keep an eye on them.


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