Pan Fried Broad Bean Salad with Tomato and Thyme

Pan Fried Broad Bean Salad with Tomatoes and Thyme

I admit it. I have had an aversion to broad beans since childhood. We seem to have grown them by the bushel as I was growing up, and we ate them with every meal, often in their pods, boiled and boiled and boiled. Over the ensuing years I have tried to fall in love with them. I have even grown them myself. But that taste, and the childhood associations would not go away.

This year, with a wonderful Italian green grocery near me, I resolved to try again. Putting a lot of effort into treating them properly, I double peeled them while watching TV in the evenings, ready to work with them in the morning.

The efforts have been rewarded. I am now loving these wonderful, short-seasoned beans. I will be quite sad when their season is over (but I have discovered that frozen broad beans are available, and they are particularly good).

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Larger or older Broad Beans need to be peeled. That is, they are first removed from the pod, of course, and then each bean has their thick outer shell removed. This seems like a lot of work, but once you are on a roll, it happens quickly. I use a small, sharp knife to knick the outer skin, then a quick peel and the inner bean pops out. The inner bean is much gentler in taste, very delicious.

I love pan fried broad beans, so any time that you are using broad beans that are are a little older, double peel them and throw them into a hot pan with a tiny bit of oil. Saute until just beginning to colour.

Alternatively you can cover them with boiling water for a few minutes. They can also be simmered gently for a moment or two.

Broad Bean and Tomato Salad

Pan Fried Broad Bean Salad with Tomato and Thyme

Mixed halved cherry tomatoes, thin rings of red onion and a few thyme leaves, then stir through some quickly sauteed broad beans. Dress with a little olive oil and lemon juice with salt and black pepper. Toss through the smallest amount of chopped parsley if desired.

recipe notes and alternatives
Use cumquat oil for the dressing if you have some on hand.

I have used home made pomegranate molasses for the dressing and the slight sweetness in it works well with the salad.

Spring onion (scallions) can be used in place of the red onion.

Lime juice can be used instead of lemon juice in the dressing.






3 thoughts on “Pan Fried Broad Bean Salad with Tomato and Thyme”

  1. I was interested to read this post because I had the same aversion as a child but now, as you do, I love them. May I tell you that if you par-boil them, the inner skin comes off more easily? Slit the base then press the bean out, much simpler than doing them raw.

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