Lightly Pickled Jicama and Citrus Salad | Yam Bean and Citrus Salad

Quickly Pickled Jicama (Yam Bean) and Citrus Salad

This recipe is a salad that is tangy and juicy. It is refreshing and clean tasting with the crispy, apple flavoured jicama (yam bean) marinated in a variety of citrus juices.

Marinate the jicama for at least an hour, and you can leave it overnight in the fridge if you like, ready to be made the next day.

When you find a good supplier, jicama is available for a most of the year, and it is a versatile ingredient, useful both raw and cooked. We find it readily available in our local Asian grocery.

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Quickly Pickled Jicama (Yam Bean) and Citrus Salad

Lightly Pickled Jicama and Citrus Salad | Yam Bean and Citrus Fresh Relish

200g jicama, peeled and julienned
100 ml orange juice
100 ml grapefruit or pomelo juice
50 ml lemon or lime juice
0.5 tspn finely grated grapefruit, orange, lemon or lime zest
salt to taste
pinch or two of cayenne powder
1 Tblspn coriander leaves, roughly chopped
1 or 2 oranges, peeled
4 red radishes, julienned

coriander leaves

Place the julienned jicama in a bowl with the juices, zest, salt, cayenne powder and coriander leaves. Mix very well, and allow to sit for an hour. It can sit longer, just cover and refrigerate.

Take the peeled oranges and carefully cut between the membranes to remove the segments without their membrane covering.Β  Combine the orange segments and the julienned radishes with the jicama and toss.

Serve garnished with long strands of coriander leaves.

recipe notes and alternatives
Use rice wine vinegar or specialty vinegars instead of the citrus juices, or use a combination of the vinegar and juices. Mix sugar with the vinegar, making sure it dissolves, to diminish the tartness of the vinegar.

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