Pan Fried Broad Beans with Lime, Chilli and Salt

A quick, healthy snack.

Pan Fried Broad Beans with Chilli

I am here to tell you that these are delicious. A great snack, quickly prepared, is pan fried broad beans. You can use peas or edamame as well. You can even use peas and edamame in their pods. Simply suck them out of the shell between your teeth after cooking.

Broad beans, once out of their pod, still have a thick, tough coat on each bean. Removing this improves their flavour enormously. Yes, it is a little fiddly, but worth the effort. Take a small sharp knife and make a slit in the side of the bean, then coax the coat off. Sometimes they just pop out. You are left with tender, vibrant green beans.

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Pan Fried Broad Beans with Chilli

Pan Fried Broad Beans with Lime, Chilli and Salt

Double shell the broad beans (remove the pod, then skin each bean).

Take a pan or kadhai and heat some ghee or oil until hot. Add the broad beans, and stir over the heat. Add enough salt for them to be slightly salty. It might take more than you imagine, but this is to be a snack, so taste and add until you are happy with the taste.

Add chilli flakes or chilli powder to taste. I use a home made powder made from grinding chillies and dried curry leaves together. I love this mix and it goes well with the peas. But use what you have.

Continue to stir fry till hot and the first touches of colour appear on the beans from the heat.

Remove to a bowl. Taste for salt and chilli, and adjust if needed. Squeeze over some lime or lemon juice, and serve small portions as a snack or salad.

recipe notes
This time I added a few curry leaves to the pan while sauteing the broad beans.

These broad beans would go well tossed into a green salad with, for example, green mango and avocado.





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