Kombu and Carrot Quick Pickle

An Asian flavoured Quick Pickle

Kombu and Carrot Quick Pickle

Quick pickles are the go when time is rushed and there are no pickles ready at hand. They can be made in a matter of minutes but do take an hour or three to pickle and develop their flavours. They are wonderful mixed in the morning and eaten for lunch or in the evening.

This pickle is unusual as it combines kombu, that salty seaweed from Japan, with crispy carrots. It is pickled in a mixture of sake and rice vinegar, sweetened with mirin and salted with soy sauce. It is allowed to pickle for a few hours before being ready to serve.

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Kombu and Carrot Quick Pickle

Kombu and Carrot Pickle

adapted from The Joy of Pickling

2 * 15cm long pieces of kombu
1 large carrot, peeled
0.25 cup rice vinegar
0.25 cup soy sauce or tamari
0.25 cup mirin or sweet rice wine
2 Tblspn sake or dry rice wine

Julienne the carrot. Take the kombu and slice each piece in two lengthways. Use a scissors if it is difficult to cut with a knife. Shred each piece.

In a saucepan bring the rice vinegar, soy, mirin and sake to the boil and simmer for 1 minute. Then pour over the carrots and kombu. Let the pickle sit for about 4 hours before using.

The pickle will keep for a week in the fridge.

recipe notes
The pickling liquid makes a tasty seasoning for rice, once the carrot pickle has been used.







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