Green Guava Salsa | Raw Guava Salad

Green Guava Salsa

It was the beautiful, welcoming assistants at my local Asian Grocery who put me on to Green/Raw Guava. Totally unaware as I was about Guava, except for the occasional ripe on at a friend’s place, she chose one that would be perfect to try raw. If they are lighter green in colour they have a little more sweetness than one totally green. Smaller ones have smaller seeds. And so it goes.

The assistant recommended Green Guava with Lime Juice, Chilli and Salt, a la Green Mangoes that are eaten the same way. And she is definitely correct – they are quite wonderful eaten this way.

You can also try them in the similar Indian way of eating fruits with Chaat Masala, an Indian Crudite if you wish. So good.

I have no doubt that there are quite a few uses for green guava, including cutting into julienne for salads, and making syrups and molasses. But today, we made a great Green Guava Salsa, which I am sharing with you. By the way, Guava can be eaten raw, semi ripe or ripe. Such a versatile fruit! Some prefer it ripe, others have a definite preference for raw guava.

We don’t have other Guava recipes yet, but check back here at any time, just in case…

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Green Guava Salsa

Green Guava Salsa | Raw Guava Salad

There is no need to peel the raw guava, just wash it well and dry with a tea towel or paper kitchen towel. Chop it into small cubes, and mix with chopped coriander, mint, Thai basil, spring onion (scallions), and green and/or red chilli. Season with sea salt, and squeeze ample lime juice over the guava. Add a pinch of jaggery or sugar. Mix well. Taste and adjust the salty, sour and sweet flavours until balanced.

If you can, leave for an hour or more to allow the flavours to develop.


recipe notes and alternatives
Halved cherry tomatoes can be added to the salsa. Cubed Green Mango is good with it too.

Guava, at any stage of ripeness, goes will with these flavours, and also soy sauce, vinegar (try Asian vinegars too), pepper.


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