South Indian Boondi Yoghurt | Crispy Fried Balls in Yoghurt | Boondhi Thayir Pachadi

A delightful pachadi with texture. From Tamil Nadu.

Boondhi Thayir Pachadi | Boondhi Yoghurt

There are North Indian and South Indian versions of Boondhi Yoghurt – those little crispy balls made from chickpea flour. The North Indian version is chock full of spices, but the South Indian version, as with so much of their food, has pared it back to essential flavours and textures to let the ingredients shine in the undercurrent of spice. Boondhi Yoghurt is very cooling – a great summer dish.

Boondhi is chickpea flour crispies deep fried with spices. You can buy Boondhi in Indian grocers, or you can make your own on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

We have other Boondi recipes scheduled, so check back here later.

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Boondhi Thayir Pachadi | Boondhi Yoghurt

Some recipes like to soak the boondhi in warm water before adding to the yoghurt. I think this makes them soggy and bland, so I add them direct to the yoghurt and allow them to soak up that goodness.

Boondhi Thayir Pachadi | Boondhi Yoghurt

South Indian Boondhi Yoghurt | Boondhi Thayir Pachadi

0.5 cup Kaara Boondhi
2 cups yoghurt, beaten
0.5 tspn black mustard seeds
1 tspn ghee
0.25 tspn salt or to taste
pinch or two of chilli powder

Heat the ghee and pop the mustard seeds. Add them to the yoghurt with the salt.

Garnish the yoghurt generously with the boondhi just before serving. Sprinkle a little chilli powder on the boondhi as an added colour.

Boondhi Thayir Pachadi | Boondhi Yoghurt

recipe notes
Serve the boondhi crispy and fresh with the yoghurt, or soak in the yoghurt and serve them soft and mushy.

Serve as a side to a meal. I also like to make a small amount and have for breakfast!






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