Grilled Mushroom and Red Onion Salad

Summer is on its way!

Grilled Mushroom and Red Onion Salad

Yay for warm weather! And as soon as the weather turns the slightest bit warm, I begin making Summery salads again. I find them the most healthy type of dish for Spring, Summer and into Autumn. As each year passes, we eat salads further into winter, roasting our ingredients, or incorporating barley, freekeh, quinoa and other filling and satisfying ingredients.

Today’s salad is definitely a Spring dish, a Mushroom Salad. Spring Mushrooms are grilled with some red onion and then dressed. It is gorgeous.

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Grilled Mushroom and Red Onion Salad

Grilled Mushroom and Red Onion Salad

Take some mushrooms and remove the stalks. Chop the stalks finely. Thinly slice some red onion and mix with the mushroom caps and stalks, and some olive oil. Pop under a grill until softened and browned. Toss with parsley or basil and a simple vinaigrette.

recipe notes and alternatives
Use basil or parsley oil to dress the salad. Or use a pesto, thinned with a little oil and vinegar.

Add some chopped rocket, watercress or escarole to the salad.

The mushrooms and onions can be cooked on a BBQ grill plate.

Grilled Mushroom and Red Onion Salad






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