Simple Cauliflower Curry | Phool Gobi Curry

Simple Cauliflower Curry | Phool Gobi Curry

Sometimes we want a quick dinner without too much fuss. Here it is. Put the rice cooker on, cut up the cauliflower, and dinner is ready in a trice.

The cauliflower is sautéed with seasoning until tender, and then spiced just with garam masala and chilli. You don’t need to grind spices or make spice pastes. This is a simple curry. My friend Priti shared her recipe with me after preparing it for lunch one day.

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Simple Cauliflower Curry | Phool Gobi Curry

Simple Cauliflower Curry | Phool Gobi Curry

1 small cauliflower
2 tspn garam masala, sambar powder, or your favourite curry powder
0.25 tspn turmeric powder
0.5 tspn Indian chilli powder
sea salt to taste
coriander leaves for garnish
squeeze of lemon juice

0.25 tspn urad dal
0.5 tspn cumin seeds
0.5 tpsn brown mustard seeds
10 – 12 curry leaves
1 tspn ghee

Remove the leaves from the cauliflower and break it into small florets.

Make your tadka. Heat the ghee in a kadhai or heavy pan and add the mustard seeds. As they pop, add the cumin seeds, then the urad dal. As the urad turns golden, add the curry leaves and allow them to sizzle.

Now add the cauliflower and a sprinkling of water. Cover, and allow to cook until the cauliflower is tender. Add more water if necessary, and stir occasionally.

Uncover, and saute the cauliflower until the edges are beginning to get a nice brown colour.

Now add the garam masala, the turmeric, sea salt and the chilli powder. Sprinkle another tspn of water and stirfry with the spices for 30 seconds or so, until the cauliflower absorbs the spicy flavours. Toss in chopped coriander leaves and mix gently. Squeeze some lemon juice over the cauliflower.

Serve how over steamed rice or with roti.

recipe notes and alternatives
Use cumquat juice instead of lemon juice, to add a little citrus tang to the curry. It’s perfect.





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