Broad Bean and Mint Mash | Broad Bean and Mint Dip

Difficult to stop eating this delightful dip

Broad Bean and Mint Mash

Our love affair with Broad Beans continues with some mashes. Broad beans mash very well – especially later in the season when the beans are not as young and tender as they were earlier in the season.

This is easy to make, but it is necessary to double peel the beans – first remove them from the pod and then peel each bean. For this recipe it is Ok to cook the beans for a few minutes before peeling – they are also easier to peel once cooked.

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Broad Bean and Mint Mash

Broad Bean and Mint Mash | Broad Bean and Mint Dip

Chop mint leaves and spring onions (scallions) very finely and mash or puree with some cooked and peeled broad beans. A stick blender is a good tool to use to puree/mash the beans. Add sea salt and black pepper and lemon or lime juice. Taste and adjust seasonings and lemon or lime juice as required.

If required, add a little olive oil while mashing and thin a little with water if necessary.

recipe notes and alternatives
Add some cooked peas to the mash as well. A tiny bit of chilli if you so desire.

I like the mash to be a little tangy from the lime juice and a little peppery. We eat with Taftoon flatbread from our nearby Afghan shop. It is definitely more’ish.

You can puree the beans and then stir through the finely chopped mint and spring onions.

serving suggestions
Serve on toast, bruschetta, or crusty bread. And with some good cheddar cheese and olives. Or spread toast with ricotta and top with the mash.

Serve as a dip.

Char-grill some eggplant slices, and serve, layered with the spread and accompanied by a green salad.

Accompany a plate of roast vegetables with the puree.

Drop a Tblspn in the centre of a bowl of creamy soup.

Serve with Parmesan Toasts,topped with sauteed mushrooms. Or serve on a plate, topped with the sauteed mushrooms and some Parmesan Crisps. (The mint can be left out of the puree for these options.)

Broad Bean puree with sauteed mushrooms and parmesan crisps





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