Broad Beans with Feta and Preserved Lemon

Very Young Broad Beans with Creamy Feta and Preserved Lemon

Oh the joy when Broad Beans come back into season. The first time that the silky smooth texture of the beans is tasted again is pure joy. It makes the effort of preparing them (double peeling) all the more worth it. This simple salad is perfect with the bite of the feta and the tang of the preserved lemon pairing well with the silky beans. I hope you enjoy it.

If you are lucky enough to have very young beans straight off of the bush, you can use the beans whole – pod and all. But you need the youngest of beans. You won’t be able to get these from a shop, but they are easy to grow at home.

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Very Young Broad Beans with Creamy Feta and Preserved Lemon

Broad Beans with Feta and Preserved Lemon

If using very young beans, simply top and tail, and cut into small pieces. You can scald them for a few seconds in boiling water if you wish.

If you are using older beans, remove the broad beans from their pod. Scald the beans with boiling water for 30 – 60 seconds, then refresh in cold water and drain. Remove the outer peel of each bean. Now steam the broad beans for 5 minutes, refresh them again under cold water to keep the bright green colour, and drain really well. Dry them in a clean tea towel.

In a bowl, season the broad beans with a little sea salt and cracked black pepper. You won’t need much salt as the feta will also be salty.

Add a glug of extra virgin olive oil, some chopped preserved lemon, and crumbled soft sheep or goat’s feta. Toss and garnish with fresh dill or fennel sprigs.

recipe notes and alternatives
I find the very best feta in my local Afghan/Middle Eastern shop.





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