A New Juice for Summer – Zucchini Juice

Fruit Juice with Zucchinis

How hot can Summer days get! Even the days before Summer officially begins can have a real bite. On those days you can reach for the coolness of white wine, of course, and in this house we make a range of lassi drinks, fruit juices and iced cordials.

One thing we love is to reach for the Zucchinis and make a healthy and refreshing juice, guaranteed to combat the heat without putting a wobble in your step.

Who knew that zucchini juice is so good? I discovered it one recent summer when my neighbour kept gifting me huge zucchinis from their organic farm. There are only so many zucchinis a girl can eat! They don’t really dehydrate well, and I had made enough zucchini pickles and preserves to last all winter. So I decided to try juicing them. It was a revelation.

I am here to tell you that zucchini juice is amazing! On its own or mixed with other fruits and vegetables, it is pure refreshment in a glass on a hot morning, afternoon or evening.

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Zucchini Summery Juice


Fruit Juice with Zucchinis

Here is what you do. Take a whole large zucchini (or several smaller ones) and juice it with 2 apples, 1 lemon, a knob of ginger. Stir and drink. The zucchini juice is light and beautiful, just perfect for summer.

You don’t have to mix it with other fruits – it is delicious all on its own.

I like to use a cold press juicer, but any juicer will do. Cold press juicers do not handle celery very well, or herbs, but other fruits and vegetables are fine.

Zucchini and Fruit Juice with Ginger

You can add other fruits and vegetables too – cucumber is a refreshing and cooling addition. Oranges work as well. A little daikon radish will add some spicy notes. Carrot and Zucchini juice is also a perfect start to the day. It is good to add a little lemon juice to your drinks for an extra sparkle. Lemons can be juiced with their skin on (but oranges can’t – the skin gives a bitter taste).

Add a pinch of salt too, it enlivens the drink – use black salt if you dare.






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