Locquat Salad

Locquat Salad

Locquats ripen in early November, perhaps late October if the weather is good. That is Spring time here in the Southern Hemisphere. They are so beautiful, picked straight from the tree, still warm from the sun, eaten as they are. They don’t keep well or long inside, they bruise easily, but can be poached and served with icecream and a liqueur poured over.

Cutting them up is a chore. Starting with a basketful, you might end up with a small bowl of flesh. The stones in the middle are huge, and by the time you remove the stem and tail ends, and peel them, there are only small amounts of flesh left per locquat.

One other way that we use them, laboriously cutting and peeling, is in a simple salad with ingredients from our garden. It is lovely and refreshing on a sunny Spring day.

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Locquat Salad

Locquat Salad

Take some locquats, halve them, remove the seeds and as much of the white seed casing as you can. Top and tail the pieces if they need it. Pull away the skin.

Mix the locquat flesh with halved cherry tomatoes, chopped spring onions (scallions – and use the white and green parts), coriander leaves, a few parsley leaves and some chopped mint. Shred some kaffir lime leaves too, if you have them. Also Thai Basil. Squeeze over ample lime juice. Dust with sea salt and white pepper. Drizzle with a little hazelnut oil. Plate and serve. Summer is nearly here!

recipe notes and alternatives
Add a little chopped green chilli if you dare.

If you would like some bulk to the salad, serve it on a bed of freekeh. Delicious.


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