Tulsi, Mint and Lemon Verbena Tea

A Herbal Tea, great any time.

Mint and Lemon Verbena Tea

A beautiful refreshing tea, excellent in Spring and Summer, and especially nice in Autumn. Minty, health giving, and relaxing. If you don’t have fresh Tulsi, tea bags are easily bought and some places have dried Tulsi leaves. The other day I saw dried Tulsi leaves at my Indian Grocer’s. Or failing that, using Basil will give you a lovely, relaxing tea.

Similar teas includeΒ Tulsi Khara, Green Tea, Apple Juice and Strawberry Cooler, Ginger Root and Turmeric Tea, Longan and Young Ginger Tea, and Lemon Verbena and Lavender Tea.

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Tulsi | Tulasi | A Life Time of Cooking

Tulsi, Mint and Lemon Verbena Tea

Take the leaves of any mint, a couple of sprigs of lemon verbena or lemon balm, and a long flower or a few leaves of Tulsi. Place them all in a teapot. Bring water to the boil and pour over the herbs. Allow to seep for 5 mins. Strain and serve hot, warm or cold. Sweeten if you wish with jaggery, sugar or honey.

The herbs can be reused – pour over more hot water and seep a little longer before serving.

Mint and Lemon Verbena Tea

This tea is also wonderful chilled in the fridge and served over ice. Perfect in the Summer heat.

You can add some ginger root if you fancy.




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