Pomelo Raita

Pomelo Raita | Chakkotha Raita

We adore Pomelo when it is in season and have a range of salads and snacks that we make with it. It takes some effort to peel, but it is worth it! This particular pomelo, in season now, has bright pink flesh, and the dishes look amazing.

Today we make an Indian dish with the Pomelo. Pomelo is called different things in different parts of India, but mainly have spellings similar to Chakkotha. We mix it in the yoghurt with some other cooling ingredients – tomatoes and cucumbers – and spice it up with some chaat masala. I can’t claim all the credit for this. I saw a recipe some time ago that was similar, and the thought has stayed with me. Now that Pomelos are back in the shop, it is a chance to make this dish.

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Pomelo Raita | Chakkotha Raita

Pomelo Raita | Chakkotha Raita

1 cup pomelo flesh, cleaned of rind and segment membrane
1 cup Indian yoghurt, beaten
0.5 green chilli, chopped finely, or to taste
1 tomato, finely diced
0.5 small cucumber, diced finely
5 or 6 mint leaves, diced finely
grated lime zest
0.25 tspn chaat masala
sea salt to taste

Reserving some of the pomelo for decoration, toss all of the rest of the ingredients together and mix well. Taste and adjust seasonings. Transfer to a serving bow, add the reserved pomelo flesh, chill and serve when ready. Enjoy!

Or skip the chaat masala and make a tadka of cumin seeds and mustard seeds for a Pomelo Pachadi. Delicious!

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