Indian Fresh Green Apple Pickle

Fresh Apple Pickle

My beautiful Mahrashtrian friend makes this pickle that is amazingly delicious! Whenever we have big groups over for dinner, she makes this. The first time I tasted it, I begged her for the recipe. It was delicious and it turned out to be so very easy! She uses a store-bought Aachar Masala powder, and all it takes is some extra spices, the apples, some mustard oil and the powder.

I had forgotten the recipe as I hadn’t made it for a while, so I have to thank my twitter friend Dee, for helping me out.

You can also make this with cucumber, carrots, green mango, celery, lemons or caperberries too!

The spice mix is called Achar Masala and is the RamDev brand. This is the brand my friend recommends, and I do not receive anything for mentioning it.

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Instant Indian Green Apple Pickle

Indian Fresh Green Apple Pickle

Heat 2 Tblspn mustard oil until hot, add some brown mustard seeds and allow them to pop. Add a pinch of asaofoetida, remove the oil from the heat, and allow it to cool.

Take two tart green apples and chop into small cubes. Take 1 – 2 Tblspn of RamDev Achar Masala spice powder and mix with the apples until all of the apple pieces are well coated.

Pour over the oil and spices, and mix well.

Serve and enjoy, or store in an airtight container.

Use ghee if you don’t like mustard oil.


recipe notes and alternatives
These pickles made with the Ramdev Aachar Masala can also be stored in a jar and left to mature for several months. I sit them in the back of the fridge. They are wonderful like that as well.

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