Grape Vine Leaf Powder

Grape Vine Leaf Powder

Lately, I have been using a powder made from blanched, dried and ground grape vine leaves as a spice and flavouring. It has a deep red grape, woody flavour. We use grape leaves in cooking – e.g. dolmades, cheese wrapped in grape vine leaves, casseroles and baked dishes lined with grape leaves – AND that they dry easily, so I thought that powdering them might work. It does. It is still an experiment and work in progress, but I am sharing the beginnings with you.

It goes well mixed with ghee and stirred through rice, sprinkled over feta cheese, and scattered over vegetables before they are roasted. Mixed with salt it is an excellent seasoning and into yoghurt as you make a sauce, dressing or dip. It is an interesting umami type flavour.

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Other spice mixes/powders include Sundakkai Podi, and Chaat Masala.

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Dried Grape Vine Leaves
dried grape vine leaves

Grape Vine Leaf Powder

Take some grape vine leaves that have not been sprayed – the younger ones – 2 or 3 dozen. Use more if you want to make a larger batch of powder.

Cover the leaves with boiling water and blanch for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Remove them one at a time, cut off the stem with a scissors, and place on tea towels to dry. Allow to dry until crispy – it will take most of the day in the sunshine or a warm window.

Powder them using a spice grinder. Store in an airtight container and use as a spice or seasoning.

Grape Vine Leaf Powder

recipe notes and alternatives
Some vine leaves might dry more quickly than others. Be prepared to leave the leaves for additional time if not completely dry.

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