Green Olive Tapenade

Green Olive Tapenade

There are a great number of recipes around for a spread made from green olives, but this is the easiest. Made with ingredients straight from your kitchen, no special purchases required, it is made in seconds, and your family or gang of friends will devour it in minutes.

This tapenade is salty, spicy (from the chilli) and pungent (from the garlic). Just perfect for a cool Early Summer day’ snacks on the verandah with some aniseed tea.

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Green Olive Tapenade and Eggplant Jam

Green Olive Tapenade

Take some stoned green olives and blitz them with garlic, rosemary (the tender tops of a branch), chilli, extra virgin olive oil, a small squeeze lemon, a grating of lemon rind and black pepper. A stick blender is perfect for this.

Serve and enjoy!

Green Olive Tapenade

recipe notes and alternatives
If you have some marinated olives, they will already contain chilli and herbs in the marinade. Blitz the whole lot, and then taste. Add more chilli, garlic, rosemary, or pepper as needed. A little lemon rind goes well too.

Other additions can include capers, blanched and skinned almonds, or thyme.

Can be made up to a day ahead. Cover and refrigerate.

Not only can tapenade be used on crusty bread and crackers, you can serve it with crostini and some crumbled soft goat’s cheese, toss with just cooked new potatoes as a salad perfect for a picnic, spread it on bread cubes and make Tapenade Bread Salad with Tomatoes and Mozzarella, or brush it over some store bought pastry, roll it up, cut into thin rounds and bake in mod oven for 6 – 10 mins until puffed and golden. This last one is a great snack with an afternoon cuppa.


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