100 Vegetables: #12 | So Many Ways to Love Parsnips

Creamy Winter Bake of Parsnips and Carrots

Parsnips are the perfect cold weather comfort food. They speak of late Autumn and Winter, of warming food and crackling fires. Their rich, nutty, sweet butteriness is perfect cold weather fare. While early parsnips are not to be ignored, it is the later ones, from Mid Winter on, that have a deeper flavour. Beware of woody end-of-season ones, though. Always look for crisp flesh and pale skin when purchasing parsnips.

Parsnips don’t have to be peeled if fresh and young, but it is best to peel if making purees. For mashes, simply give them a scrub and cook until tender. Leaving the skin on adds to the texture and flavour of the mash.

For one way to make parsnip purees, peel the parsnips, slice into rounds and saute in butter before simmering in milk. Strain, add butter and puree with some cream.

When roasting parsnips, they can be halved lengthwise if desired, and simmered in salted water until partly cooked, then roasted in lots of melted butter and a little oil which has been pre-heated in a hot oven.

Parsnips pair so well with spices, walnuts, parmesan, and with butter, cream and milk, making soups, roasts and bakes the ideal vehicles for this glorious vegetable.

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