Rose Strawberries with Sweet Yoghurt Cream

Rose Strawberries with Sweet Yoghurt Cream

Strawberries are very very cheap at the moment, and it is the perfect time to make a few strawberry dishes. Here we are marinating them in Kewra Water and Rosewater, and they will be served with a thick, drained and sweetened yoghurt. It is a delicious Summer dessert. Pop the colours further with a few blueberries and a couple of basil leaves or shreds of kaffir lime leaf.

The drained yoghurt is delicious and can be used in so many ways. Leftovers will keep a few days in the fridge. Read more about making it here. There are ideas on how to use them here.

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Thick Thick Yoghurt | Drained Yoghurt

drained, thick thick yoghurt

Rose Strawberries with Sweet Yoghurt Cream

2 punnets strawberries
1.5 tspn rosewater
1 tspn kewra water (or extra tspn of rosewater)
2 Tblspn vodka or gin (optional)
small pinch sea salt
kaffir lime leaf, shredded finely

dried rose buds (from your Middle Eastern or Asian shop) or fresh, unsprayed and washed rose petals
few shreds of kaffir lime leaf
a few blueberries (optional)

2 cups yoghurt
2 Tblspn icing sugar or castor sugar
4 Tblspn thickened cream

First, drain the yoghurt. Line a sieve or colander with several layers of muslin cloth, and tip in the yoghurt. Fold the cloth over the yoghurt and place a heavy weight on top (I use my stone mortar and pestle, but you can use a large dish with water or stones in it). Allow to drain in the kitchen sink or over a large bowl for 1 – 2 hours or until very thick. Turn out into a bowl.

Meanwhile, top the strawberries and then finely slice. Toss the slices with the kaffir lime leaf, salt, 1 tspn rose water, the kewra water and vodka or gin (if using). Cover and chill for an hour.

Mix the yoghurt, cream and sugar together to form a thick cream. Add the remaining half tspn of rose water and mix well. If the yoghurt-cream mixture is too thick, add more cream.

To serve, place some of the cream in the bottom of a small bowl, top with strawberry slices and juice, and scatter kaffir lime leaves and rose buds over the top. Dot with some blueberries if using.

Rose Strawberries with Sweet Yoghurt Cream

recipe notes and alternatives
Alternatively, for serving, layer a little cream, then strawberry slices, then cream again, then strawberries again, and top as before. This can be made in a larger bowl and served at the table.

If you don’t have any kaffir lime leaves, use a couple of torn basil leaves to garnish – they go well with strawberries.

Always use the best of strawberries for this dish.


Marinate the strawberries in Vin Santo or other dessert wine in place of the rosewater, kewra water and alcohol. Or, for a different taste, use Vin Cotto. Another way to serve the strawberries is with biscotti. Dunk the biscotti into the juices and enjoy.



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