Cabbage Baaji | Cabbage Kothsu

Cabbage Baaji / Kothsu

This is another great toor dal dish, how I love this lentil with its silky smooth texture. Meenakshi Ammal’s recipe is based on the recipe for Brinjal Chidambaram Gothsu, except that the eggplant is replaced with cabbage.

The cabbage gives the dish an entirely different flavour. While the eggplant has a smokiness about it that enhances the dish, and the flesh melts into the toor dal, the cabbage retains some texture and bite and a definable  taste of cabbage. But it is oh so good. The green chilli adds a lovely fresh heat.

Although this recipe is the same as the one for Brinjal Chidambaram Gothsu, it has a different name – Cabbage Baaji. Gothsu/Kothsu is made from eggplants only.

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Cabbage Baaji / Kothsu

Cabbage Baaji | Cabbage Kothsu

0.25 cups red gram dal (toor dal)
175g cabbage
1 lime
6 green chillies
sea salt
pinch asafoetida

0.25 tspn brown mustard seeds
small piece ginger, chopped
6 cashews
curry leaves
2 tspns ghee or Indian Sesame Oil

coriander leaves


Cook the toor dal until very mushy/pastey. This will take around 30 mins unless the dal is old and drier – then it will take longer. Add a little water if necessary and mix well.

Meanwhile, shred the cabbage and cook in a little water with salt until tender.

Add the cabbage to the cooked toor dal with the asafoetida powder. Bring it back to the boil.

Fry the chopped chillies in ghee and add to the cabbage and dal, and mix well. Boil again for a few minutes then remove from the heat.

Make the tadka by melting the ghee and adding the mustard seeds. Allow them to pop, then add the ginger. After a moment add the cashew nuts and curry leaves, allow the nuts to brown slightly, then pour all onto the dal.

Squeeze the lime juice and add to the dal. Mix, garnish with coriander leaves and serve.

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