Pearl Mushrooms with Thyme

Pearl Mushrooms with Thyme

We cook some Pearl Mushrooms today. It is such a simple dish, but wonderful as a snack, side dish, stirred into risotto or piled on top of pasta. Pearl Mushrooms are tiny oyster mushrooms. They are easy to cook, thrown in a pan with butter and thyme, and even more delicious to eat.

If you can’t find Pearl Mushrooms at your Green Grocer, try your Asian market. Or use Shimiji if they are available.

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Pearl Mushrooms with Thyme

Pearl Mushrooms with Thyme

Break some Pearl Mushrooms into small clumps and place in a pan with ample amounts of butter and some olive oil, and a couple of sprigs of thyme. Over a low heat, cook until they are well done, about 15 minutes. They will be golden but not overly browned.

Scatter with finely chopped parsley, sea salt and some white or black pepper. I like to use a little of both. Mix well and serve.


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