Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi | Crispy Sautéed Okra in Yoghurt

Okra Pachadi

Yoghurt is as important in our kitchen as it is in general in Indian cuisine. Desi yoghurt is used all over India, in different ways, of course, in the different regions. This recipe brings together one of our much loved vegetables – okra – with yoghurt and spice to form the South Indian version of Raita, called Pachadi. There is something very special about okra with yoghurt. Divine.

This recipe takes okra slices and sautés them (which eliminates the sliminess) until crisp before mixing with the yoghurt. This is a great dish for Festival days too. It is a simpler version of this Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi.

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Okra Pachadi

Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi | Sautéed Okra in Yoghurt

12 – 14 okra (more if they are small)
1 green chilli, sliced finely.
2 cups of Desi (Indian) yoghurt, or Greek yoghurt
3 tspns ghee or Indian sesame oil
pinch sea salt

0.25 tspn brown mustard seeds
8 curry leaves

Take the yoghurt and beat it well.

Rinse the okra and dry them individually. Slice them into thin rounds, wiping the knife on kitchen towel as needed.

Heat 2 tspns ghee or oil in a kadhai or heavy pan, add the okra and stir-fry for 2 or 3 minutes over a medium heat.

Sprinkle some water onto the okra, cover the pan and allow the okra to steam for 30 seconds to soften them. Remove the lid and now sauté the okra until crispy brown and cooked.

Heat the remaining ghee or oil in a small pan and add the mustard seeds. Allow them to pop, then add the curry leaves and allow them to sizzle for a moment.

Add the okra, green chillies, popped mustard seeds to the yoghurt and mix well.  Add salt to taste.

Serve as a side dish to steamed rice and other vegetable dishes.

recipe notes and alternatives
This dish is equally as delicious without the tadka.

It goes well with rotis, or with sambar and poriyal.

Coconut oil can be used for the tadka for extra flavours.






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