So Easy Tomato Risotto

Easy Tomato Risotto

We know that we are slipping into Autumn when we begin to cook more rice dishes. Rice puddings and risotto begin to feature at the table, just as long sleeves and light jackets begin to feature in our wardrobe.

Risotto is so easy to make – about 10 mins max prep time, and 20 mins to cook. One pot, little action, just stirring stirring stirring. It is relaxing and meditative. Heaven. Autumn. The pace of life is slower this month.

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Easy Tomato Risotto

So Easy Tomato Risotto

Make a plain risotto with a little dry white wine to begin, and vegetable stock or water. You can use a little verjuice with a splash of mirin if you don’t have wine, or omit the wine all together. Cook the rice until almost done as it will continue to cook as you add the finishing ingredients.

Just before you serve, turn through three large and sweet tomatoes, diced, freshly grated provolone cheese (or use parmesan), chopped parsley and chives, and a small pat of butter. Season with sea salt and black pepper, and mix well. Serve with crusty bread, real butter and a simple salad.


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