Collection: Every Meal some Simple Greens

Spinach with Roasted Sesame Seeds

Even Vegetarians need their greens, and sometimes, if we are truthful, we don’t place enough emphasis on bringing these various and beautiful vegetables into our diet. How are you going? Vegetarian or not, we can use some help to bring green beauty into our lives at the kitchen table.

If we look around the world, various cuisines use tricks (I prefer to call them habits) t0 increase our intake of elements that are healthy and perfectly compliment the cuisine of the area. The ubiquity of yoghurt in Indian cuisine, for example, the Salads of Thailand, the Salad course of France, and the Greens before Dinner custom of parts of Italy.

In a time where dimension and complexity are the buzz words of the food world, simple is a welcome point of difference. Simple, where the taste of the ingredients shine through strongly and identifiably.

The Greens before Dinner custom is one that resonates in this household. It is very simple:

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Broad Bean, Spring Onion and Yoghurt Salad

  1. Select your greens.

These can be any leafy green (spinach, kale, chard, rapini, curly endive, mustard greens, turnip greens, beetroot greens, etc), stronger lettuces or salad greens (cos, baby spinach, rocket, escarole, water cress etc), Chinese greens such as bok choy, zucchini, broccoli, broccolini, endive, asparagus, cabbage, various sprouts, brussels sprouts, artichokes, celery, leeks, kohlrabi, purslane, spring onions/scallions, okra, beans, fennel, witlof (Belgian endive), green peppers, artichoke, chicory, peas, dandelion greens, cucumber, green herbs, etc.

  1. Choose your method.

Greens can be served in a number of ways – as juice (try zucchini, apple and cucumber juice in Summer), raw and simply dressed with some olive oil and lemon juice, pureed or mashed, or steamed, sautéed, roasted or grilled and simply dressed. The aim is to keep it simple, easy, and no-fuss. Also try this method: Eat Your Greens Every Day.

  1. Use your full attention when preparing

You want gorgeous, perfectly cooked vegetables, that are dressed well and will engage your family at the table. If they are being steamed, simmered or sautéed, drain any excess moisture from the greens before serving. Or make soup.

Never overcook your greens!

  1. Use great ingredients

A reminder to use a good extra virgin olive oil for dressings. You might like to invest in some Toasted Sesame Oil for dressing greens that can be sprinkled with sesame seeds as you serve. Nuts can be quickly toasted and sprinkled over greens. Whizz them quickly in the food processor if they need chopping (for small quantities, chop by hand). Store leftover nuts and seeds in a jar in the fridge for use later in the week. Garlic can be roasted in spare moments, cloves wrapped in a little foil, to be mashed or squeezed over cooked vegetables. Slivers of ginger, garlic, onion or leek can be crisped in hot oil and served on top of raw or cooked vegetables and soups.

Remember that a drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon or lime sparks any dish up.

  1. Serve and enjoy

Serve as an afternoon snack with some bread, flatbread or crackers, as a pre-dinner course with our without other mezze type dishes, or as part of your main meal. And remember, keep it simple!

Recipes to Spark Inspiration

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Cucumber and Apple Salad

Remember that simply steaming, sautéing, grilling or baking green vegetables and dressing with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice with salt and pepper is enough. Throw some nuts or seeds on top for crunch.

Wanting more? browse below for ideas.

Steamed Mustard Greens and Shiitake Mushrooms

Steamed Mustard Greens and Shiitake Mushrooms with Sambal Matah

Sri Lankan Mustard Greens with Coconut

Sri Lankan Mustard Greens with Coconut

Spring Onion Greens Salad

Spring Onion Greens Salad with Feta Plate and Flatbread

Broad Bean Dip with Wilted Greens and Roasted Onions

Broad Bean Dip with Wilted Greens and Roasted Onions

Sarson ka Saag

Sarson ka Saag | Puree of Greens

Garlicky Flavoured Mung Beans with Greens

Khar | Assamese Garlicky Flavoured Mung Beans with Greens

Spinach with Garlic and Lemon

Spinach with Grilled Garlic and Grilled Lemon Slices

Pasta with Zucchini

Bucatini con Zucchini | Bucatini with Zucchini

Broad Bean and Mint Mash

Broad Bean and Mint Mash

Kale Chips

Salt and Vinegar Kale Chips

Mustard Greens with Daikon Radish

Mustard Greens with Mooli | Daikon Radish with Mustard Greens

Escarole Salad with Flatbread

Escarole Salad with Ragi Dosa | Vegetarian | A life Time Cooking

Vegetables with Indian Flavours

Vegetables with Indian Flavours

Kohlrabi Sabzi

Kohlrabi Subzi, a Punjabi Recipe

Green Tahini Sauce

Red Radish and Broad Bean Salad with Green Tahini Sauce

Fennel and Lemon Quick Chutney

Fennel and Lemon Chutney

Baked Zucchini with Cheese

Herb and Garlic Marinated Zucchini Gratin

Asparagus Raita

Asparagus Raita

Turnips with Mustard Greens

Baby Turnips with Mustard Greens

Okra and Cauliflower Pakora

Okra and Cauliflower Pakora

Spinach with Sesame Seeds

Spinach with Roasted Sesame Seeds


Zhug | Zhoug | Skhug | A Coriander Paste, Dip and Sauce

Grilled Fennel with Mozzarella

Grilled Fennel Mozzarella Salad

Baked Eggplant and Zucchini

Eggplant and Zucchini Bake with Chickpeas and Harissa Sauce

Okra Fry

Okra Fry with Sesame Seeds

Asparagus Pesto

Asparagus Pesto

Hand Made Pesto

Zeffirino Pesto | Handmade Pesto

Leek, Potato and Tomato Soup

Potage Crème de Tomates et de Pommes de Terre | Cream of Tomato and Potato Soup

Broad Beans with Lemon and Coriander

Broad Beans with Lemon and Coriander | A Mezze Dish or Salad

Noodles with Spinach

Glass Noodles with Spinach

Coriander and Coconut Fresh Chutney

Simple Coriander and Coconut Fresh Chutney | Indian | Vegetarian | A Life Time of Cooking

Indian Green Beans

Gujarati-Style Green Beans

Zucchini Rice

Zucchini Rice Indian Style

Fried Okra

Crispy Fried Okra

Pasta Bake with Cabbage and Cheese

Baked Pasta with Cabbage and Cheese

Chickpeas and Greens

Chickpeas and Chilli with Beetroot LEaves

Greek Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde Recipe

Slow Cooked Green Beans in Tomato and Olive Oil

Green Beans Braised in Tomato and Olive Oil

Zucchini Fry

Zucchini Thoran

Chilli Cabbage

Spicy Cabbage

Tawa Peas and Beans

Tawa Peas | Spicy Stir Fried Peas | Indian Street Food| Vegetarian | A Life Time of Cooking

Green Peppers in Yoghurt

Roasted Green Peppers with Yoghurt

Spinach Stem Salad

Spinach Stems with Raisins and Toasted Pine Nuts

Broad Bean Mezze

Broad Bean Mezze | Broad Salad of Beans with Salt and Pepper

French Braised Lettuce with Peas and Broad Beans

French Braised Peas and Broad Beans

Baked Belgian Endive (Witlof)

Caramelised Endive with Cheesy Topping | Ottolenghi | Vegetarian | A Life Time of Cooking


Kimchi | A Life (Time) of Cooking | Korean Recipe | Pickles

Avocado and Celery Soup

Cold Avocado and Celery Soup

Buttery Spinach Stems

Buttery Spinach Stems with Tomato and Chilli Jam

Coriander and Walnut Dip

Georgia Coriander and Walnut Paste

Green Peas Soup

South Indian Green Pea Soup

Grilled Radicchio or Witlof

Grilled Radicchio or Belgium Endive Salad with Shallots and Dill

Brussels Sprouts Salad

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pomelo and Star Anise

Avocado Mash

Avocado Salad, Spread or Dip, with Radishes

Chinese Style Greens

Chinese Style Greens

Broad Bean Puree with Herbs

Fava Bean Puree with Fresh Herbs | Dried Broad Bean Puree with Herbs | Dip, Spread or Soup

Carrots and Peas with Green Coriander

Carrots and Green Peas with Green Coriander (Cilantro) | Gajar Matar Sabzi

Cold Asparagus Soup

Chilled Asparagus Soup


Caponata Siciliana

Sweetcorn and Spinach Stir Fry

sweetcorn and Spinach Bhurji

Burnt Spring Onion Dip with Kale

Burnt Spring Onion Dip with Garlic-Chilli Curly Kale

Toasties with Potato and Peas

Indian Potato and Peas Toasted sandwiches

BBQ’d Asparagus

BBQ'd Spiced Asparagus

Green Apple Pickle

Indian Fresh Green Apple or Green Mango Pickle

Mung Dal with Cumin and Spinach

Mung Soupy Dal with Cumin and Spinach

Yoghurt with Cucumber and Mint

Yoghurt with Cucumber and Mint

Green Pea Pilaf

Cream of Asparagus Soup

Velouté d'asperges | Cream of Asparagus Soup

Leeks and Carrots a la Grecque

Leeks and Carrots a la Grecque with Tomato and Herbs


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