Quince Molasses and Tahini Dip, Paste and Spread (or eat it by the spoonful) | Tahin Pekmez

Quince Molasses Tahini Dip and Spread

Our Quince Molasses this year is awesome, tasting every so slightly of roses and with a tart-sweet flavour. We make a jar full in Autumn each year to last us through to Summer, but having discovered this recipe we may have to double the quantity in future.

Mixing Quince Molasses with Tahini produces a spread (or dip, or dressing) that could be used for sweet or savoury purposes. The tahini modifies the sour notes of the molasses to form something that is so moreish, I dare you to stop eating it by the spoonful.

In Iraq, this spread is called Ardeh Shireh and in Turkey it is called Tahin Pekmez.

Similar recipes include What to do with Quinces, Quince Pickle, Quince Molasses, and Pomegranate Molasses. Also try Miso and Tahini Sauce and Dressing.

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Miso Tahini and Quince Molasses Tahini Dips and Spreads

Quince Molasses and Tahini Paste and Spread

Mix 1 Tblspn Quince Molasses with 2 Tblspn Tahini and a little warm water to thin to the desired consistency. Mix well.

recipe notes and alternatives
Ratios of Molasses to Tahini can be varied. Try equal parts of both for a sweeter spread. Got a really sweet tooth? Use more quince molasses than tahini.

Make it with grape molasses, date molasses or pomegranate molasses.

Try making it with Cashew butter or Almond Butter instead of tahini. It is quite divine also.


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