Not Quite Fried Rice Salad

Not Quite Fried Rice Salad

Are you like me and always cook too much rice? Here is your solution. An easy salad to put together using last night’s left over rice. How simple is that? It is a bit like fried rice – without the frying! Delicious.

This is a Bittman Salad – we are making all of his 101 Salads, all of the vegetarian ones at least. We are on the home-run now, with less than 7 more to make.

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Not Quite Fried Rice Salad

Not Quite Fried Rice Salad

Mix leftover rice with lemon or lime juice, soy sauce and a combination of sesame and peanut oils. Microwave if necessary to soften the rice.

Then serve at room temperature, tossed with sprouts, chopped leaves and stems of green coriander (cilantro), shredded radishes, chopped spring onions (scallions), and more soy sauce. Season with white pepper. Toss some toasted crushed peanuts over the top if you wish.

recipe notes and alternative
Use any rice you have at hand, but it is best made with a rice that is not sticky – one that keeps its grains nice and separated. In this photo it was made with an Indian hard, short grained rice, usually used to make idli but is wonderful cooked and used in its own right.

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