Juice It! | Home Made Apple-Based Juices

Summer Fruit Juices

It is nearly Spring time, the garden is blooming (my first ever daffodils are flowering), and we have started juicing our own drinks again. We love to have home-made juices through Spring to Autumn.

While the apples are at their best, they are especially suited to late Winter and early Spring juices, providing a sweet base for many different combinations.

In the suggestions below, we don’t include quantities. My rule of thumb is – 2 large apples plus your combination fruit and vegetables will a little water to dilute the intensity of the flavours, will make 3 – 4 glasses. Enough for breakfast for a small – medium family.

In case you are wondering, I use Harom, a cold press juicer, but any juicer will make great drinks. I love cold press juicers because of the way that they extract the juice and the drinks are not as frothy as when you use a centrifugal juicer. It is also said that cold pressed juices are more nutrient dense than those produced with a centrifugal juicer. However the cold press ones do not handle greens or stringy vegetables such as celery as well as the centrifugal ones.

You can also make fruit juices in your High Speed Blender. I use a Vitamix. Simply blend the fruit for 2 or so minutes with a little water, then strain the juice as your pour it into a jug or into glasses. (I am not sponsored in any way by Vitamix or Harom.)

Enjoy the juice combinations below. Similar recipes include Strawberry and Blueberry Juices, Beetroot Based Juices, Zucchini Juice, Green Tea, Apple and Strawberry Juice, and Watermelon Juice with Mint and Ginger.

Browse all of our Juices and our Cooling Summer Drinks. Or browse all of our our Early Spring recipes.


Royal Gala Apples

Home Made Apple Juices

To Prepare the Apples

Scrub the apples and peel if you wish. There is no need to remove the core unless your juicer advises it.

Common Additions

Add a little ginger and/or turmeric to any juice.

Dilute the resulting juice

Apple Juice can be diluted with water – use either a 2:1 or 1:1 ratio juice to water (2 parts juice to 1 part water, or equal amounts juice and water). Using a cold press juicer, the water can be poured through the juicer after the fruit – it helps to extract as much juice as possible from the last pieces of fruit and pushes a little more of the pulp out of the shoot.

Summer Fruit Juices

A Variety of Apple Juices

  • Simply Straight Apple Juice
Apple and Tomato
  • Apple and Tomato
  • Apple, Tomato and Ginger
Apple and Carrot
  • Apple and Carrot
  • Apple, Carrot and Beetroot
  • Apple, Carrot, Beetroot, Orange, Tomato
Apple and Citrus
  • Apple and Orange
  • Apple, Orange and Mandarin
  • Apple, Orange and a little Daikon Radish
  • Apple, Mandarin and a little Celery
  • Apple, Lemon and Celery
  • Apple, Lemon and Mint

Apple and Orange Juice

Apple and Grape
  • Apple and Grape
  • Apple, Grape and Orange/Mandarin
  • Apple, Grapes, Honeydew Melon and Lemon,
Apple and Papaya
  • Apple and Papaya
  • Apple, Papaya and Cucumber
Apple and Kiwi Fruit
  • Apple and Kiwi Fruit
  • Apple, Kiwi Fruit and Strawberries
Apple and Pear
  • Apple and Pear
  • Apple, Pear and Pineapple
Apple and Cucumber/Zucchini
  • Apple and Cucumber
  • Apple and Zucchini
  • Apple, Cucumber and Zucchini
  • Apple, Cucumber, Beetroot, Celery, Lemon, Tomato
  • Apple, Cucumber, Beetroot and Blueberries
  • Apple, Cucumber and Mint

Fruit Juice with Zucchinis

Apple and Leafy Greens
  • Apple, Spinach and Broccoli
  • Apple, Kale and Celery
  • Apple, Cucumber, Parsley, Spinach
Apple and Strawberry

Green Tea, Apple and Strawberry Juice, and Ginger Cooler

Warm Apple Juice with Ginger and Cinnamon

Juice some apples with a little lemon rind and ginger. Heat it gently in a saucepan with 2 cinnamon sticks, and then pour into heatproof glasses. Place a cinnamon stick and an apple slice into each glass, and serve warm.

Welcome! I hope you are enjoying what you see here. Thank you so much for your comment and your thoughts.

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