Thai Silken Tofu with Bean Sprouts and Broth

Thai Silken Tofu with Bean Sprouts and Broth

I remember David Thompson when he had a tiny little take-away Thai shop in Darley St, appropriately called Daley St. Thai. He was famous even then, the queue snaking down the street on a Friday and Saturday night. He then went on to open a high-end restaurant London (where his food was never understood – you lost out London). Then he moved to Thailand to open a Thai restaurant – a brave move for a non-Thai person. It remains a very popular establishment.

Somewhere along the line, David wrote a bible of Thai food. It is a compendium of the cuisine. Of course, there are very few vegetarian recipes in the book, but occasionally I take it down from the shelf and find one of the few suitable recipes to make, as Thai food is wonderful.

Today, with inspiration from David’s Thai Food, is a wonderful dish of soft tofu with garlic and bean sprouts. It is utterly delicious.

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Thai Silken Tofu with Bean Sprouts and Broth

Thai Silken Tofu with Bean Sprouts and Broth

300g silken tofu
2 garlic cloves, mashed with a pinch of sea salt (home made garlic paste can be used – don’t used purchased ones)
1 Tblspn oil
50g bean sprouts
2 Tblspn sweet soy sauce
2 Tblspn vegetable stock or water
1 Tblspn coriander leaves
white pepper to taste

Drain the tofu. Heat a wok and when hot, add the oil. Fry the mashed garlic on a medium heat until it is beginning to colour, then turn up the heat to very high and add the tofu. Toss for a few minutes before adding the bean sprouts. Don’t stir too much or the tofu will become an unslightly mush.

Season with soy sauce and sugar and moisten with the stock.

Serve sprinkled liberally with white pepper and garnished with coriander leaves and a few fresh bean sprouts.

Author: Ganga108

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