Miso Vegetables and Rice with Sesame Dressing

Miso Vegetables and Rice with Sesame Dressing

Oh my, this miso flavoured bowl of rice and vegetables is gorgeous. We have made it with noodles too, with equal success. Vegetables are poached in a mixture of miso, soy, mirim and vegetarian dashi for a high flavoured stock. They are served on rice (or noodles) and dressed with sweet rice vinegar, peanuts and sesame seeds. Highly gorgeous.

The play of the crispy veg with the soft rice and of the sweet and tart flavours of the sauce and dressing, the contrast of the dark sauce flavours with the freshness of the herbs and veg, the rubberiness of the mushrooms with the crisp veg, crunchy nuts and soft rice – all make this a dish worth the effort. Each veg has to cooked briefly, the rice is cooked, the sauce is reduced, the dressing is made, and, if you are making your own dashi, that needs to be made too. A comforting and nourishing dish indeed, but one that needs some time devoted to it.

The vegetables used are broccolini, carrots, shimeji mushrooms, cucumber and snow peas. It is a perfect balance of flavours and textures. It is best to use this combo the first time that you make it. It is an experience. For future dishes, if you need to change out some of the veg, consider substituting small broccoli florets, asparagus spears, enoki mushrooms etc. We have added sliced, rehydrated shiitake mushrooms too (delicious), and even the carrot can be substituted with jicama or kohlrabi if necessary. It is a versatile dish – sometimes we also add a few small leaves of Asian greens, blanched quickly in the stock. But the very very best combo of veg is the one specified by Ottolenghi.

The recipe is an Ottolenghi one from Plenty More, his recipe collection that never fails to delight! Use a rice that is a little sticky. He suggests sushi rice, and that is easily available.

If you are not familiar with using miso, read about the different types.

Similar dishes include Miso Slow Braised Cabbage, Quick Pickled Shimeji Mushrooms, Udon and Shimiji in Mushroom-Miso Broth, Malaysian Lemak Vegetables, Okra with Sambal and Coconut Rice, and Miso Sesame Dressing.

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Miso Vegetables and Rice with Sesame Dressing

Miso Vegetables and Rice with Sesame Dressing

300g sushi rice or other sticky, short grain rice
375 ml vegetarian dashi stock
1.5 Tblspn soy sauce
1.5 Tblspn mirin
30g dark red miso paste
1.5 tspn caster sugar
220g broccolini, trimmed and cut in half widthways (if on the thick side, cut in half lengthways, too)
165g shimeji mushrooms, divided into small clumps
1 large carrot, cut into thin 0.5cm x 6cm batons
50g snow peas, finely shredded lengthways
100g cucumber, cut into thin 0.5cm x 6cm batons
white pepper
10g picked coriander leaves

sesame dressing
40g toasted peanuts, finely chopped
15g black sesame seeds (use white if you can’t get hold of black)
1 Tblspn rice vinegar
1 Tblspn maple syrup
1 Tblspn peanut oil
0.5 tspn chilli flakes

Soak the rice for 15 mins in cold water, drain, place in a medium saucepan for which you have a lid and pour over 375ml of water. Cover the pan, bring to a boil, then turn the heat as low as it will go. Cook for 10 mins, remove from the heat and leave, covered, for a further 15 mins.

Meanwhile, put all the dressing ingredients in a small bowl and mix together well.

Pour into a second medium pan the vegetarian dashi stock, soy sauce, mirin, miso paste and sugar. Bring to a simmer, stirring occasionally. Add the broccolini, simmer for four minutes, then remove with a slotted spoon and set aside while you cook the other vegetables in the same water. Add the mushrooms, cook for three minutes and remove. Repeat with the carrot – cook that for two minutes – snow peas (one minute) and cucumber (15 seconds). When all the vegetables have been cooked and set aside, sprinkle them with white pepper.

Increase the temperature under the pan and reduce the stock until there is about 80ml left.

Divide the rice between four bowls and place the vegetables on top (or use 1 large serving bowl). Spoon over the reduced cooking liquid, followed by the dressing. Finish with the coriander leaves and serve at once.

Miso Vegetables and Rice with Sesame Dressing

recipe notes and alternatives
Make this dish with Chinese or Japanese noodles, allowing the noodles to swim in a little sauce. Add the vegetables on top and then the dressing and herbs. It is a different dish, and a great way to use up left over sauce and any of the left over cooked vegetables. I like to add some small squares of deep fried tofu to this dish.

Try it using black glutinous rice too.

Miso Vegetables and Rice with Sesame Dressing

An alternative is to mix the vegetables with the dressing and a little rice for a delicious salad.

Miso Vegetables and Rice with Sesame Dressing

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