LATE SUMMER Gorgeous Salads for Cool Fun in Hot Weather Volume 2 | Seasonal Cooking

Watermelon, Apple and Lemongrass Salad

The sense of freedom that comes with Summer is still strong, although gradually the signs of Autumn peek through the limbs of trees. Hot still, the sun gradually begins its journey from the height of the sky to lower, and the days become shorter. Although the energy of Summer is still strong, we are aware that it is the last month of this beautiful season. Salads still abound. By the end of the month, though, they have a little more substance to them.

Enjoy some beautiful Salad Inspiration for Late Summer. This is Volume 2 of our Summer Salads. You can see the first Volume here.

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Beautiful Salads for Late Summer


Radish and Cucumber Kachumber

Bean, Lentil and Grain Salads

Burghul, Walnut and Yoghurt Salad with Pomegranate

Vegetable Salads

Apple Salads

Watermelon, Apple and Lemongrass Salad

Artichoke Salads

Artichoke and Potato Salad with Preserved Lemon Mayonnaise

Cabbage Salads
Capsicum Salads

Roasted Sweet Peppers and Pasta Salad

Carrot Salads

Sea Spaghetti, Ginger and Carrot Salad

Cucumber Salads

Cucumber Raita

Cucumber and Apple Salad

Dates Salads
Grape Salads
Jicama Salads

Jicama Salad with Cucumber and Lime | Yam Bean Salad

Lettuce Salads

Tomato and Lettuce Salad with Pickles and Croutons

Mango and Green Mango Salads

Cucumber, Carrot and Green Mango Koshambari

Pineapple Salads

Cucumber and Pineapple Kachumber

Plantain Salads

Madhura Pachadi | Kerala Pineapple, Plantain and Grape Pachadi

Potato Salads
Radish Salads

Radish and Cabbage Salad with Avocado and Wasabi

Snake Gourd

Pudalangai Thayir Pachadi | Snake Gourd Yoghurt Pachadi

Spinach Salads

Dates and Baby Spinach Salad With Almonds and Sumac

Sweetcorn Salads

Sweet Corn Chaat | Sweetccorn Chaat

Tomato Salads

Sambal Iris

Tomato Salad with Lemon or Lime

Green Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella Salad

Sweetcorn Salads

Bok Choy and Sweet Corn Salad

Watermelon Salads











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