100 Vegetables: #5 – 11 Recipes Using Grape Vine Leaves | Going Beyond Dolmades

Rice Baked in VIne Leaves

Did you know that grape vine leaves are delicious? They have a green earthy flavour that is imparted to the ingredients that they are cooked with. The most commonly known dish is Dolmades (Dolmas) – vine leaves stuffed with a rice or burghul mixture which are slowly steamed.

However, vine leaves can be used to wrap food, line pies and, shredded, added to batters. It can be used as a flavouring by drying the leaves and grinding them to a powder.

Enjoy these recipes, they will expand the way that you use vine leaves.

You can browse all of our Grape Vine Leaf recipes here. And check out our 100 Vegetable Series.

Mushroom Bakedin Grape Vine Leaves

How to Use Grape Vine Leaves

Stuffed Vine Leaves


Stuffed Vine Leaves | Dolmades

Vine Leaves Stuffed with Spiced Burghul

Turkish Dolmas Spiced Burghul wrapped in Vine Leaves

Vine Leaves Used as a Wrap

Char Grilled Vine Leaf Wrapped Goats Cheese and Pinenuts

Char Grilled Vine Leaves Stuffed with Goat's Cheese and Pinenuts

Grilled Feta Wrapped in Vine Leaves

Grilled Feta Wrapped In Vine Leaves

Grilled Pecorino Baked in Vine Leaves

Grilled Pecorino Wrapped in Vine Leaves

Peppered Figs in Vine Leaves with Goat’s Cheese

Peppered Figs in Vine Leaves with Goat's Cheese

Use vine leaves from Spring Time either home-frozen or in a jar. If using fresh ones, which might be a bit tougher than early season ones, prepare your young grape leaves by blanching in boiling water for 5 – 10 mins, then cutting off the stem and any tough V-section vein. Dry them after blanching.

Using your fingers, smear a little olive oil over the outer side of the leaf.

Take your end-of-season juicy figs and cut in half. Sprinkle with a little sea salt and a little more black pepper (according to taste). Smear with a little goat’s cheese. Wrap each half in a vine leaf – place the halved fig near the bottom of the inside of the leaf, fold the two parts of the bottom of the leaf over the fig, fold in the sides, the fold over the top. Turn the parcel over and sit it on a plate.

Heat your grill until hot. Carefully lift each parcel so that it doesn’t unroll, and place on the grill. Cook for a couple of minutes until grill marks appear, then turn over and cook for another couple of minutes.

Remove from the grill pan, and serve with more goat’s cheese or marscapone. Beautiful as a snack, to start or finish a meal or as part of a cheese and fruit board.

Rather than grilling on a pan, they can be cooked under a griller or even steamed.

Vine Leaf Pies

Grape Leaf Encrusted Rice Pie

Rice Baked in VIne Leaves Rice Baked in VIne Leaves

Baked Yoghurt Encrusted with Vine Leaves

Baked Yoghurt and Herbs encrusted with Vine Leaves

Vine Leaves Used as a Cooking Wrapper

Mushrooms Baked in Vine Leaves

Vine Leaf Baked Mushrooms

Mushrooms in Vine Leaves Mushrooms in Vine Leaves

Indian Snacks

The Great Vine Leaf Pakora

The Huge Vine Leaf Pakora | Angoor Patta Pakora

As a Spice

Dried Grape Vine Leaf Powder

Grape Vine Leaf Powder

Preserving Vine Leaves

How to Preserve Vine Leaves

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  1. Great ideas! I live on the countryside in Spain and have lots of leaves. Make dolmades a lot but this is really inspiring, will try the pakora ASAP!

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