Salad of Broad Beans with Walnut-Yoghurt Sauce

Salad of Broad Beans with Walnut-Yoghurt Sauce

I have been reading Istanbul Cult Recipes recently, and it is a lovely book that embraces some of my fav ingredients such as samphire, purslane and broad beans (fava beans). It is mainly non-veg recipes, but there are enough vegetarian recipes to be interesting.

It has this interesting recipe for whole broad beans. You have to use very young broad beans, otherwise the shell is too tough and too strong in flavour to eat. The recipe simmers the beans but if you can get them young enough, cooking is not necessary. The sauce for the beans is a whiz of yoghurt, breadcrumbs and walnuts, with dill for brightness.

This is my riff on the recipe using broad beans from our garden.

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Salad of Broad Beans with Walnut-Yoghurt Sauce

Salad of Broad Beans with Walnut-Yoghurt Sauce

400 g fresh, young broad beans in their pods
1 Tblspn bread crumbs
25g Greek or Desi natural yoghurt
17ml white vinegar
35g walnuts
a small handful dill leaves
squeeze of lemon
sea salt and black pepper

Pulse the yoghurt, vinegar, bread crumbs, dill and walnuts in a blender or processor to make a chunky sauce. Season the sauce with sea salt and pepper, and mix in a squeeze of lemon. Set aside in the fridge for 30 mins for flavours to develop.

Simmer the broad beans for 5 – 8 mins, then drain and place in cold water.

Strain the beans well, then combine the beans with the sauce and serve cold.


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