Zuppa di Zucca | Italian Pumpkin Soup

Zuppa di Zucca | Pumpkin Soup

Today’s recipe is another Pumpkin Soup. This one is Italian in origin, with  potatoes and cannellini beans. It is a beautiful and velvety soup.

Actually, I am famous amongst my friends and family  for Soupe au Potiron and it remains my favourite Pumpkin Soup! However, I also love a little variety. I served it for my friend Angela recently, when she visited one day, after which we walked into the Botanical Gardens. She is a connoisseur of my Pumpkin Soups, and loved this one.

Make today’s recipe in very cold weather, and enjoy it with crisp crunchy bread! This recipe has been around in our Winter kitchen for many, many years, and the original inspiration came from the River Cafe Cookbook.

Similar recipes include Pumpkin Soup with Lentils, Minestra di Pasta e Fagioli Borlotti, Celeriac Soup with Cheese Croûtes, Soupe au Potiron, Pumpkin Soup with Red Peppers, and Adzuki Bean, Pumpkin and Barley Soup.

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This recipe is one of the vegetarian recipes from our first blog which was in existence from 1995 – 2006.  You can find other recipes from that blog in our Retro Recipes series.

Zuppa di Zucca | Pumpkin Soup

Zuppa di Zucca | Pumpkin Soup

1.5 kg pumpkin – Jap or Butternut are good in this recipe
150g potatoes
3 Tblspn good olive oil
50g butter
2 small red onions, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, peeled and cut into slivers
4 large sprigs thyme or marjoram
1 bay leaf
1 – 2 dried red chillies or small tspn red chilli paste
1 l vegetable stock or water
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
extra virgin olive oil
grated parmesan

Peel the pumpkin and potato, seed the pumpkin and dice both into 5cm cubes.

Heat the oil and butter in a large heavy saucepan and gently fry the onion until soft. Stir in the garlic and thyme or marjoram leaves with the bay leaf, the pumpkin and the potato, and continue to cook for a minute.

Season with the chilli, salt and pepper. Add enough stock to just cover the pumpkin, turn down the heat, and simmer until the pumpkin is tender, about 20 – 25 minutes. You may need to add more stock.

Strain about 1/3 stock from the pumpkin and set aside. Put the remainder in a blender or food processor and pulse. The resulting mixture will be quite thick. Return to the saucepan with the reserved stock. Check for seasoning. This is a very thick soup.

Serve with the parmesan, olive oil and some toasted ciabatta rubbed with garlic.

recipe notes and alternatives
Add a few soaked and drained cannelloni beans at the same time as the pumpkin for a slightly different taste, extra goodness and a very thick soup. Also good with the soup are dried fava beans, channa dal and toor dal. Soak them overnight before adding to the soup. You will need to cook the soup for longer, unless you pre-cook the beans or lentils.

Add a tspn of turmeric powder to the soup for health and gorgeous colour.





2 thoughts on “Zuppa di Zucca | Italian Pumpkin Soup”

  1. This looks amazing! I will save that for autum, when fresh pumpkin is in the stores 🙂
    Have You tried other beans than cannellini? I’m thinking about pinto beans for example…

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