Juice It! | Unusual Home Made Juices

Broccoli Juice

Summer in our house is partly defined by what we drink. Teas, iced teas (infusions), juices, lassi drinks, & range of coolers. Our juices are made with a cold press juicer, and we use both fruit and vegetables.

Cold press juicers are not great at handling fibrous vegetables, so more often than not we will blitz them in the food processor or blender before putting them through the juicer. It is a bit of effort but the results are worth it – sparkling fresh, great tasting, healthy juices. We have them straight from the juicer, but they can also be served over ice or chilled in the fridge. If they do sit for some time after juicing, you may need to give them a good stir before drinking.

Here are a number of unusual but interesting and healthy juices to try. Great in Spring, Summer and Autumn. I will normally add a lemon wedge and a knob of ginger to all juices.

Similar recipes include Beetroot Juices, and Apple Juices.

Browse all of our Juices, our Teas and all of our Coolers. Or explore all of our Mid Summer dishes.

Juice It! | Unusual Home Made Juices

Asparagus Juices

  • Asparagus Juice

Asparagus is best diluted with equal amounts of water. It is rather green tasting – if you find the taste too intense, try combining it with other juices. It goes particularly well with citrus juice.

  • Asparagus and Blood Orange
  • Asparagus, Orange and Mandarin
  • Asparagus and Carrot
  • Asparagus and Cucumber
  • Asparagus, Cucumber and Zucchini

Cabbage Juices

Like other juices, cabbage can be diluted with 1:1 or 1:2 parts juice to water.

  • Cabbage

Cabbage juice tastes a little bitter and a little hot. If wanting to drink it straight, just mixed with water, I recommend just a small shot. It is good mixed with other fruit and vegetables. I would normally add a lemon wedge and a knob of ginger to all juices.

  • Cabbage and Tomato with a dash of lemon juice
  • Cabbage and Apple
  • Cabbage, Apple and Orange
  • Cabbage and Carrot
  • Cabbage, Carrot and Orange
  • Cabbage, Carrot, Tomato and Cucumber

Capsicum Juices

Be sure to remove all seeds from the capsicums as they are quite hot and bitter. Capsicum juice is a lovely, gentle juice, great for a morning starter. Mix 1:1 with water.

  • Capsicum Juice
  • Capsicum, cucumber, garlic, basil
  • Capsicum and Watermelon

Green Beans Juices

  • Green Bean juice – best diluted with equal amounts of water. Tastes quite green too.
  • Green Bean with a little mint, oregano, basil or thyme
  • Green Bean and Kiwi Fruit
  • Green Bean and Orange
  • Green Bean and Pineapple

Broccoli Juices

Broccoli Juice

  • Straight Broccoli Juice
  • Broccoli, soft herbs and Lemon
  • Broccoli, Orange and Lemon
  • Broccoli, Carrot and Cucumber
  • Broccoli, Carrot, Tomato and Spinach

Pomelo Juices


Pomelo makes excellent juice on its own, tasting like grapefruit juice sweetened with honey. Mix it with sweet citrus – oranges and mandarins, for example.

You have a sharp knife, good technique and patience to peel the pith and membranes of a pomelo – they are bitter and should not be included in the juice.

Rockmelon (Cantelope) Juice

Rockmelon juice is gorgeous in Summer. Mix with a 1: 0.5 ratio with water (half cup water to each cup juice), and serve it over ice.

Rockmelon juice with ginger is a great tonic. Add slices of ginger to the juicer as you are making the rockmelon juice.

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