Brussels Sprout and Ginger Slaw

Brussels Sprout and Ginger Slaw

Like many families, Brussels Sprouts never appeared in our kitchen very often. Blame childhood memories of bitter, over-cooked little packages of fear on our plate. Thankfully, we are all wiser now, and our favourite ways of using Brussels Sprouts are raw and roasted.

Today’s salad is a lovely slaw of sprouts and carrots with ginger and chilli, dressed with yoghurt and mayo. How special! But who could create such a recipe, combining all of those flavours? It is of course from Ottolenghi. As much as I rant and  carry on about his recipes, I am truly in love with his flavour combinations and his sheer inventiveness. Good on you, Yotham – continue to challenge our thinking about food and stretch us outside our comfort zone. This recipe is from The Guardian.

It is Ottolenghi Cooking the Books Day on the blog – a day per month where we publish the latest recipes we have tried in our project of cooking from Ottolenghi’s books and articles – those we have cooked directly and those we have been inspired by. Note that I often massage the recipes to suit what is available from our garden and pantry. For the original recipes, check his books and his Guardian column.

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Brussels Sprout and Ginger Slaw

Brussels Sprout and Ginger Slaw

300g brussels sprouts, shredded
300g carrots, peeled and julienned
70g young or tender ginger, peeled and julienned
1 shallot, peeled and thinly sliced
2 red chillies, deseeded and julienned
100g Greek yoghurt
10g coriander, chopped
10g mint, chopped
2 Tblspn lime juice
2 Tblspn black sesame seeds (or white if you can’t get them)
60g roasted and salted peanuts or cashews
sea salt

approx 180g mayonnaise  – make your own, use shop-purchased mayo, or make this Eggless Mayonnaise.

Put the sprouts, carrots, ginger, shallot and chilli in a bowl with the yoghurt and mayonnaise. Mix together. You can keep in the fridge for up to two hours – it will help the vegetables slightly soften. However if you prefer them crisp, continue with the recipe.

Remove from the fridge, stir through the herbs, lime juice and sea salt to taste. Transfer to a serving bowl. Lightly crush the sesame seeds and peanuts in a pestle and mortar, just to break them a little, sprinkle over the salad and serve.

recipe notes and alternatives
You can make this as a chopped salad too. Put the sprouts, carrots, ginger, shallot, chilli and herbs in the bowl of a food processor, and pulse until the vegetables and herbs are chopped. Add the other ingredients.

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