Sprouts and Pomegranate Kosumalli

Sprouts and Pomegranate Kosumalli

Kosumalli is such an easy salad to make, and it is also the type of salad where you can use up what ever is on your kitchen bench – not only sprouts, pomegranates and onions as in this recipe, but also ginger shreds, green tomato, red tomato, capsicums of any colour, some shredded beetroot (but watch the colour will taint every other ingredient), daikon radish, spring onions and spring onion greens, chives, green mango, and so on. You can also micro-plane the zest of the lime or lemon and add that to the salad. This is a great way to bump up flavours and minimise waste.

Kosumali salads are dressed with lemon or lime juice, and the oil component of a dressing is provided by the ghee in the tadka. They are utterly delicious, tangy, sweet, sour, hot, refreshing.

If you want to make your own Kosumalli, use the basic recipe below for a Sprouts Kosumalli, then add what you have available. Kosumalli dishes demand strong flavours – the bite of onion, the sour of lemon and pomegranate, the sweetness of coconut, the crunch of sprouts. This is the only brief for you as you create your own salad.

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Sprouts and Pomegranate Kosumalli

Sprouts and Pomegranate Kosumalli

1 cup mung sprouts
1 red, green or orange capsicum, chopped into small dice
0.25 small onion, chopped finely
0.25 cups pomegranate kernels
1 Tblspn grated coconut, fresh or frozen
pinch or two of chaat masala
sea salt and black pepper, to taste
a squeeze lime juice

2 tspn ghee
0.5 tspn Indian black mustard seeds
1 green chilli, chopped, or to taste
pinch asafoetida
8 – 10 curry leaves

Combine all of the ingredients and mix well.

Make a tadka by heating the ghee in a tadka pan and adding the mustard seeds. When the popping dies down, add the green chilli and the asafoetida. After a few moments, add the curry leaves, careful of the splattering, and then pour over the salad.

Serve after 5 mins, allowing the flavours to mingle.

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