Rösti with Goat’s Cheese and Chives | Potato Rosti

Rösti with Blue Cheese and Chives

Thanks to the Swiss for beautiful, versatile, easy rösti. Beautiful. I don’t claim this as a traditional Rosti – my Swiss friend rolled his eyes in horror. However, I do claim that it is delicious.

I make small rösti, rather rustically – ragged and straw-like around the edges – but that is my nature. Using raw potatoes for the rösti is easy, though I hear that is typical only in the Zurich area – the rest of the country insists upon parboiling them first.

This can be used as part of a main meal, or as an any-time snack.

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Rösti with Blue Cheese and Chives

Rösti with Blue Cheese and Chives

3 medium potatoes, peeled and coarsely grated
1 tspn cumin seeds
soft blue cheese or goat’s cheese
chives, chopped
black pepper
vegetable oil

In a bowl, combine the grated potatoes with the cumin seeds, liberal amounts of black pepper and some salt. Mix it well – use your hands to make the mixing easier.

Put enough oil in a frying pan or skillet to shallow fry the rösti and place over a medium to high heat. When the oil is hot, add small heaps of grated potato mix and gently press to flatten the rösti. Cook in batches if needed.

Shallow fry on both sides until golden, then remove to kitchen paper towel.

Serve them with soft blue or goat’s cheese spread on top and scattered with chopped chives.

recipe notes and additions
Add slices of red chilli on top of the rösti too.

Substitute the cheese with a creamy blue cheese, or some avocado.

Grated potatoes exude a lot of liquid. Squeeze the potatoes to remove the liquid before cooking.

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