Indian Carrot Salad | Kosumalli

Indian Carrot Salad

Western style salads are not so common in India because Ayurveda, the underlying philosophy of lifestyle, health and wellbeing, recommends against eating raw ingredients. But there are some, and they are delicious. I have noticed that they are also becoming more common as the influence of the West is stronger than ever via the internet and increased travel.

I say Western style salad, because there are some Indian dishes that play the part of salads in a traditional Indian meal. Raita/Pachadi, for example. Indian chutneys. Sundals. Sprouted lentils.

Anyway, today’s salad is an Indian Salad somewhat after the Western style – grated vegetables topped with chilli and a spice tadka. There is nothing easier, and it is delicious.

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Indian Carrot Salad

Indian Carrot Salad

Take some peeled and grated carrots, season with some sea salt and squeeze over a little lemon or lime juice.

Make a tadka by heating 1 – 2 tspn ghee in a small pan and popping 1 tspn mustard seeds. When they stop spluttering add a chopped green chilli and then 8 or 10 curry leaves (they will splutter). Pour over the salad. Sprinkle with some poppy seeds if you have them. You can add some coriander leaves to the salad. Serve and enjoy.

recipe notes and alternatives
Serve with kitchari, rice, sambar and/or raita/pachadi. It goes well at BBQs, shared plate dinners, and Summer lunches.

If you want to partially cook the carrots, saute them briefly in a little ghee until they have softened a little but are still crisp.

Meenakshi Ammal also has this kosumali in her books Cook and See. She suggests adding a sprinkle of asafoetida water to the salad. (Mix asafoetida in tiny amount of warm water, cool, sprinkle.) She also suggests, as a variation, that green chillies can be pureed and mixed with a little asafoetida water and mixed with the kosumalli. In this case the tadka would only be mustard seeds. She prefers the curry leaves to be crushed in your hands, and added. In both cases, leave out the poppy seeds and coriander leaves.

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