Saunf ki Chai | Fennel or Aniseed Tea

Saunf ki Chai | Fennel Tea

Fennel is in kitchens all over India not only because it is a delicious spice but also because of its health benefits. Anise too, similar in flavour but with different health impacts. They say that including one or the other in your diet each day will make significant improvement in your health.

Then why not make tea from it? Using either fennel or aniseed, together with some good Indian black tea, we can brew a delicious elixir that is perfect either hot or iced.

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Saunf ki Chai | Fennel Tea


Saunf ki Chai | Fennel or Aniseed Tea

Place 2 or 3 tspns of either fennel seed or aniseed into a teapot with 1 or 2 Indian tea bags (or equivalent loose leaf tea). You want the tea to have body but not be too strong. Add boiling water and allow to infuse for 5 – 10 minutes.

Sweeten the tea. Many recipes will ask for honey, and you can use that, although Ayurveda recommends against heating honey. I like to use rock sugar or jaggery. Use what every sweetener is your preference.

Serve and sip with enjoyment!

recipe notes and alternatives
Milk can be added too., if you like a more traditional Chai.

Or omit the tea altogether and just infuse the fennel or aniseed. A lovely tea.

You can add mint and a pinch of cardamom powder (or 2 green cardamom pods).

This recipe is wonderful served hot, or in Summer allowed to cool and served over ice.

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