Goat’s Milk Feta with Pine Nuts and Preserved Lemon

Goat Feta spread with Pine Nuts and Preserved Lemon

Are you looking for a gorgeous, unusual spread for crusty bread or crackers? Look no further. This mix of soft goat’s milk feta with herbs, pine nuts and preserved lemon is just for you.

The spread can be dolloped lavishly onto crackers and bread, and eaten as-is, or topped with slices of cucumber or perfect, halved cherry tomatoes.

It is also wonderful tossed through salads – think green salads, grain salads, lentil salads. Or crumbled over sliced tomatoes and drizzled with olive oil. Top cucumber slices with a tiny dollop and serve as an amuse-bouche.

We love this mix so much that we even stuff grape vine leaves with it and grill them on the BBQ as a pre-meal snack.

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Goat Feta spread with Pine Nuts and Preserved Lemon

Goat’s Milk Feta with Pine Nuts and Preserved Lemon

150 g goat’s milk cheese – I love to use a soft goat’s milk feta from my local Afghan/Middle Eastern shop which is not as sharp as Greek feta
1 – 1.5 tspn extra virgin olive oil
0.25 cup pinenuts, toasted
2 Tblspns chives, finely chopped
2 Tblspns flat leaf parsley, finely chopped
1 Tblspn preserved lemon, finely chopped
freshly ground black pepper

Mix all the ingredients together, and chill if not using immediately.


recipe notes and alternatives
Mint and Dill can also be added to the mix.


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