MID SUMMER – Don’t Miss these Stunning Dishes | SEASONAL COOKING

Rice Noodles with Spring Onions and Edamame

Mid Summer! In Australia, Xmas and New Year are now over and we can relax. It is holiday and family time. Beaches, cafes, bars, and good times. Reading, cooking, picnics, friends and eating. Enjoy these highlights from our Mid Summer classic recipes.

You can browse all of our Mid Summer recipes here:

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Indian Deliciousness

Mysore Rasam with Lime Juice

Carrot Kosumbari

Mango Dal

Baingan Tamatar | Eggplant and Tomato

Dips and Spreads

Capsicum, Feta and Pistachio Spread and Dip

Summery Salads and Cooling Salsas

Miso and Ginger Dressing | Floating Cloud Dressing

Minty Yoghurt-Tahini Dressing and Sauce

Green Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella Salad

Soba Noodles with Eggplant and Mango

Sambal Iris

Brussels Sprout and Ginger Slaw

Rice Noodles with Spring Onions and Edamame

Celery and Lemon Salad with Feta

Tomato and Roasted Lemon Salad

Marinated Eggplant with Tahini and Oregano

Black or Green Lentil Salad with Pomegranate Molasses

Chinese Pickled Cucumber

Chilli Orange Olive Salad

Simple Chickpea Salad with Olives


Spinach, Watercress and Purslane Salad with Ricotta and Seeds

Vegetables for Healthy Mid Summer Eating

Salty Fried Beans with Chilli, Ginger, Garlic and Capers

Bean Curd and Mushrooms with Vegetables

Baked Feta with Mediterranean Flavours

Asparagus Baked with Butter, Wine and Herbs

Quick Courgettes and Garlic

Tomatoes Braised with Herbs in Olive Oil

Pasta, Rice and Tofu for Mid Summer Sustenance

Soaking and cooking turmeric chickpeas

Herb and Walnut Fritters

Spinach Rice

Rice Squares and Sizzling Rice Squares in Dipping Sauce

Sweet Things

Indian "French" Toast with Baked Strawberries

Strawberry and Rhubarb Jam

Summery Drinks

The Ultimate Cooler - Pineapple Juice with Strawberries, Coconut and Lime

Broccoli Juice

Indian Spiced Teas (Infusions) for Good Health

Tamarind Summer Cooler

Kewra Sherbet | Pandan Cooler

Strawberry and Blueberry Juice

Tips and Hints for Cooking in Mid Summer

Miso Soup

Orange Peel

Eggless Mayonnaise made with milk


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